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“Just one minute”, I would say as I walked in the house talking on the phone. But it was never one minute. A minute would be an hour and then I had to cook dinner, check emails and my kids had to do homework. I used to spend more time at work and in the community than I did with my family. I was desperately trying to “make it” and assist in providing my family with a better life than what my husband I both grew up in. I would attend church every Sunday, attend church meetings weekly, work 50-60 hours a week at my job, attend online classes working towards my degree, attend kids activities and I held an executive board position for a very active non profit. Anyone serving on an active board understands there is the meeting, and then there is the meeting after the meeting. According to, american families don’t really spend quality time together, clocking in just 37 minutes of family time together per day. This does not include watching TV together or running kids around to activities. Sadly, we spend more time in the same space glued to social media than we do supporting, talking or engaging with one another. I do understand we have to do what we have to do, but our kids need us present more than they need the newest toy, cell phone, or activity. We think we are good at multi-tasking but most people are not managing/balancing like they think they are. Truth is, you’re probably a multi-tasking mess like I was! One day my daughter was trying to get my attention. She had what she deemed as an urgent situation and I told her to hold on. In my busyness I didn’t get back to her until it was bedtime. I asked her what she needed, she said I need you. That’s when my life changed. What is the lie? The lie is that making money or being successful is an excuse for not being emotionally present at home. Our kids need us more now than ever. Are you making time to have a healthy relationship with your children? We have the time we just have to change our perspective on what is a priority and what is not.

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