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just in case you forgot, we are in this together.

Times have been tough for everyone. They have been even tougher for people in leadership. We are here to remind you that, YOU GOT THIS. The crisis is new to our generation, but the goal is the same: to be RESILIENT, NO MATTER WHAT.

 Times like these provide an opportunity for more empathetic leadership and self-care. The pressures of balancing personal stress with managing a professional career can make you forget how strong you really are. If you’ve felt like this, this course is for you.

This course is for leaders, executives, and business owners who need to move from surviving, to thriving, through personal and professional challenges in this unprecedented time. 

Hear from industry experts and thought leaders who will guide you on your resilience journey with action-oriented videos and a workbook that focus on your personal well-being, professional leadership, and career growth.

In this course, you will be inspired to action in sessions that teach you how to:

  • Use Motivation and Inspiration to Lead your Team
  • Apply Resilience to be Powerful on Purpose
  • Lead with Empathy without Losing Accountability 
  • Unapologetically Focus on Your Mental Wellness
The course derives from the 2020 Untruth(ed) Summit and is divided into two days. Access each day individual or in an all-access pass. Two 40-minute coaching calls are available if you desire to dig deep and reignite the leader inside of you.

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Our instructors

Alana Williams

Resolving Conflict within the Workplace

April Moncrief

Accepting Mediocrity in Marriage: A Death Sentence for Most Married Couple

Chanelle Wilson

P.U.S.H IT Real Good: Have your Goals Lost Their Flavor?

Harris Tay, Dedan Bruner, & Bryan Jackson

Dad Genes Podcast: Exploring the DNA of Healthy Fathering

Dr. Karen Townsend

If They Only Knew…The Story Behind The Ones You Look Up To in Life

Eric Charlton

‘As If’- Understanding Yourself Within Your Workplace

Phillitia charlton

Flip It & Reverse It: My Truth About Life After 40

Ed Fields

Self-care: Your Pathway to Power

Dr. Angela Demons

Spiritual and Wellness Guidance


Damage Control: Beauty in the Ashes

Eddie Koen

The Talk: How to have Uncomfortable Conversations About Race


Forging Through Worse

AUGUST 6-7, 2020


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