A lie is a lie even if you are only telling it to yourself.

-Phillitia Charlton

The Death of a Lie Book

The Death of a Lie is a poetic diary which exposes the lies women tell themselves in search of happiness. In her debut title, Phillitia Charlton boldly expresses her experiences with love, pain, heartache and worthiness. From childhood to college, her unadulterated, primitive–yet complex–words take you through her transformational journey to discover and embrace self-love. This transparent college memoir conveys the important message: making mistakes does not make you a mistake. The Death of a Lie is a powerful experience that inspires readers to life-changing introspection.

In this book, you will discover how to:

  • Acknowledge your truth
  • Tell your truth
  • Own your truth
  • Release the lies that entangled, limited and betrayed you

“Phillitia has penned a modern-day Emancipation Proclamation. Her words of truth encourage, affirm and inspire readers to embrace who they were created to be.”
–Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D., helping women live and lead…confidently! 

“Phillitia tells her story like a poetic mosaic. The Death of a Lie reminds readers that death for some things means life for others.”
–Mark Harris, Educator and Blogger