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Victim Shaming will continue to silence woman & girls. Statements like if you really got raped you would have…… are insensitive, inhumane and detached. Although every situation is different rape is not different, it is rape. Especially to the person who experienced it.

Deciding someone’s value based on their clothing, body type, sexual history, personality or age is the very thing that allows women to continue to be preyed upon. These ideals continue to promote the dehumanization of black girls and black women.

Assuming that a child has the capacity to think like an adult is asinine. Assuming that a broken child who has been exposed to sexual experiences could not grow up to be a broken woman is asinine. Blaming a child for not being able to protect themselves from predators in which their parents or guardians exposed them to or were unaware of is asinine. Assuming that most women want to publicly disclose anything about their sexual history, especially something that will allow others to judge and berate them and then attempt to guesstimate their worth or value is ridiculous.

Silence is not consent or approval. And, we have the audacity to wonder why women wait such a long time to come out with their stories.. smh #thedeathofalie #deathofalie #muterkelly #metoo #blackgirlsmatter #timesup #stop #notetoself #newyorktimes #survivor #payattention #taranajaneen #phenomenalwoman #forcoloredgirls #blackwomen #blackgirlmagic #nomeansno #blackwomen

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