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I started the journey to write my book in 2002. I got serious six years ago. Alot has happened in six years. In between work promotions, completing several masters programs, starting a family, learning how to be married, dealing with aging parents & doing respite care for 5 children, I held on to the dream. I held on to hope. I learned to practice Faith. By God’s grace, in spite of it all I finished. I invested in professional help( Valerie J. Lewis Coleman) & poured my time and heart into a professional, heartfelt, published work. I began to believe again and INVEST in me! In 2016 ,THEN, I had to realize that I would never finish if I didn’t start NOW! What lies have to die so that you can live? What is the lie? The lie is that you don’t have a choice. Chose you NOW. #thedeathofalie

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