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What does your appearance say about: How you feel about yourself? What you believe? Your outlook on life? How you feel about your job? My Great Aunt used to say, “Stop walking around here looking like don’t nobody love you!” She was born in 1926, so she earned her right to say it just like that!

It’s not about having a full face done every day, but
grooming is important. It is not about wearing the most expensive clothes or shoes. It’s about knowing yourself, your industry and your body. Your style is a public display about how you personally feel about yourself. Make sure your appearance reflects the best you. The impression you leave is just as important as the quality of your work. If those shoes are talking let them go. If your favorite shirt has a hole in it buy or thrift another one. If your coat has lent on it go to the dollar store and get a lint roller.

My good sister friend fashion boss, personal shopper & stylist Toya Moss taught me shop for my body, if you’re going to wear it rock it, keep your basics stocked & that it is better to have quality than quantity! She intervened at a pivotal point in my career. Love you girl! You can be comfortable, professional and stylish at the same time. What is the Lie? The lie is that you don’t have enough time, money or energy to be your best. You can’t afford not to. Is it time to reinvent yourself or keep up the good work?

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