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According to the recent State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. This global “norm” cost approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. When is the last time you paused to, “check the pulse” of your employees, your team or yourself? Have you evaluated if you are disconnected from your goals and detached from your personal and professional success? Numbness shows up as half hearted mundane effort. Being numb is sneaky because it is not the same as being lazy. But, creativity is nowhere to be found. Company moral is driven by emotional well being. I’ve discovered one of the four lies 95% of professional women tell themselves is “It’s Okay, I’m Fine”. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Not being able to communicate what you need can cause you to miss out on promotions and most importantly it can cause you to miss out on life. What good is a career without fulfillment and happiness? Life is too short to settle or check out by going through the motions. What is the lie? The lie is that you don’t care. Anytime you turn off your feelings or emotions to stay in situation that makes you feel lifeless you are giving up valuable time that you won’t get back. What lies have to die so that you can live?

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