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Serena is the best. This is not just my opinion. She has won 23 Grand Slam Titles. She has proven herself time and time again. BUT, in 2018 they STILL try to stop her. They even made up a new rule to try to tame her uniqueness. Why fit in when your were born to standout? Have you ever had people who didn’t understand you? People who saw your greatness but cared more about your outfit? People who tried confine your uniqueness to their limited low level thinking? Guess what they were right. Their solutions are right for them and the box they choose to stay in. AS FOR YOU, slay, be bold, be classy, be daring and DO IT AGAIN. Because what the poor babies don’t understand is that your superpowers are transferable! It was never the outfit boo!! What is the lie? The lie is that your greatness is restricted to the opinion of others. Remember, “We are record-breaking, risk-taking, grandma put her foot in it dinner-making, double-take neck breaking, contributions to society merely earth shaking…” – Phillitia Charlton

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