Phillitia Charlton

Phillitia Charlton

Personal │ Professional Development Coach & Consultant

Phillitia Charlton is a wife, mother, educator, leader, author, life coach, and survivor. From seven foster care placements, to becoming the first principal of a dropout recovery alternative school to be named a National Urban School of Excellence before age 40, Phillitia has always been resilient and determined to make every moment count. She is the co-founder and CEO of Charlton Charlton & Associates, and the creator of The Death of a Lie Empowerment Program. Phillitia’s popular workshops, trainings, blogs and articles have helped CEO’s and business leaders skip the learning curve and dive into addressing personal issues that are hindering professional growth and productivity. She’s a passionate life-long learner. Phillitia’s over 18 years in Educational Leadership and Administration has made her the go-to girl when it comes to programming, leadership, empowerment, and accountability. Phillitia has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and a Master of Arts Degree in Project Management. She is also a certified teacher and administration evaluator. Her work spans across several school districts and multiple universities. Phillitia’s work has been recognized by the Rotary Club of Dayton, the National Center for Urban School Transformation, the Ohio Auditor of the State, and the National Urban League.

Work with us to Identify what causes you to PAUSE in your personal and professional life. This temporary inaction, especially if caused by uncertainty, can turn what was intended to be a temporary transformational hiatus to a stagnant stop.

The PIVOT in a situation is the key factor that everything else is based on or arranged around. Everyone comes to a point where they need to pivot. When faced with change, effective leaders and organizations must determine “where to go from here”. Should the organization turn around and re-evaluate a situation, move forward with new ideas or philosophies, or do nothing; leading to spinning in circles? We help you develop an action plan to make your next move your best move.

How can we get there? We must TRANSCEND to rise above the changes, go beyond surface level thinking, surpass obstacles, and exceed goals. Work with Charlton Charlton & Associates. Learn to increase engagement, collaboration, and morale by developing and adopting philosophies where leaders and organizations learn to assess the emotional temperature of the work environment; allowing them to maximize productivity and camaraderie.

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