Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Leadership Development Consultant

Eric Charlton is an accomplished healthcare professional with primary care, radiology, and hospital administrative experienced. He has worked in healthcare organizations ranging from Trauma 1 centers to small rural acute care settings. He has been able to increase productivity each year as an administrator and increase employee morale, while managing a diverse staff and bridging the gap between physicians, staff, and patients. He also has knowledge of strategic and operational planning, health care economics, personnel administration, healthcare law, financial management, and the latest trends in the health care industry. He has led diversity initiatives and been instrumental in lean management projects, having worked in twenty-five states as a healthcare professional over eighteen years, and has helped with community engagement of C-suite executives for growth opportunities. He is currently Assistant Professor of Allied Health at University of Cincinnati- Blue Ash and studying leadership ontology (origins of personal leadership) theory and practices as a PhD candidate.

Work with us to Identify what causes you to PAUSE in your personal and professional life. This temporary inaction, especially if caused by uncertainty, can turn what was intended to be a temporary transformational hiatus to a stagnant stop.

The PIVOT in a situation is the key factor that everything else is based on or arranged around. Everyone comes to a point where they need to pivot. When faced with change, effective leaders and organizations must determine “where to go from here”. Should the organization turn around and re-evaluate a situation, move forward with new ideas or philosophies, or do nothing; leading to spinning in circles? We help you develop an action plan to make your next move your best move.

How can we get there? We must TRANSCEND to rise above the changes, go beyond surface level thinking, surpass obstacles, and exceed goals. Work with Charlton Charlton & Associates. Learn to increase engagement, collaboration, and morale by developing and adopting philosophies where leaders and organizations learn to assess the emotional temperature of the work environment; allowing them to maximize productivity and camaraderie.

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